Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shawn VS Oblivion

So I finally got to sit down with Anthony Michael Bosa and watch a movie.  It's been too long.

The movie: Oblivion. The reason: We are sci-fi freaks. Haha.

This movie is set in the future after a massive war with invading aliens. (We didn't get to see)

Humanity "won" the war, but we were forced to use our conventional super weapons(nukes), shitting up the planet too much for humans to prosper on it. So, apparently, the human race bolted to Titan. We left behind massive ocean eating machines that turned water into energy for the colony on Titan. Or something...

Bla bla bla...and there was a lot of that. I won't go further into the story, as that's not my thang. I will say this: The movie was WAAAAY too fucking long.(2h 05) OMG.  Bosa and I both agree that it could have easily been cut in half.  Especially since they tried to tie in love stories and such. It was far too serious a flick to be just a sci-fi gig.

Don't get me wrong, it was beautifully shot, very well acted and a really cool story. There was just too much story, too much depth, too much "romance" even. Not enough romance, though, to lure in a romance fan.  Just enough to ruin it for sci-fi geeks.

While a good, solitary watch, this thing need not waste another two hours of my life. I give it a Bad.

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