Friday, August 2, 2013

Shawn of the "Deados" vs RIPD

Hell-o. It seems like I haven't watched a movie for ages. Why the hell would I start with this one!?

I've always been intrigued by movies that tackle "afterlife" scenarios. Call it a life (or death) curiosity, I'm sure we all have, especially as we age and our mortality becomes more and more evident.

But what did I think of this flick?

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds offer an interesting pairing.  Bridges is a diverse, well rounded actor and Reynolds is type cast into his usual pretentious, witty (barely), "same old" persona as every other movie he's in.

The poster looks like it would be a better fit in the 80's and to be honest, the movie may have done better there, too.

While kind of cool, in terms of the CGI, the story was dull, the chemistry was bland or off and Jeff Bridges spoke as though he had rocks in his mouth. Barely understandable at the best of times.

I really don't think this movie worked for me. It just tattered around with the same old 'buddy cop' cliches we've seen a million times.

It seemed empty and there really isn't much that can save it from being in the Ugly.  Not even Mary-Louise Parker.Haha.

Oh well, proof that big budget summer eye candy and Hollywood names, can't always produce likeable shit. And this, is what this is. Shit. And Ugly.

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