Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Basement will "return" . . .

Yeah, I know; technically we haven't been gone and only informed you a couple of weeks ago that we're taking a break. But a plan is in motion for our return to a regular schedule.

Check it: we will be back as a podcast starting in October. Two shows a month. One review per show plus some other cool shite. We promise you will not be disappointed.

One of the October podcasts will be our annual Halloween Spooktacular, 'cause we love Halloween.

At that same time regular updates will resume on this site. Two to three a week guaranteed. Plus whatever thoughts we want to share on the flicks we watch.

Until then, things continue as they have the last couple of weeks. Check back here often, and at our Facebook group and fan page. Plus shit goes down on Twitter @camethebasement. I've also got some cool stuff going on with Dr. Action and the Kick Ass Kid and Moe Porne. Gonna be fun!

Stick with us!

Source: We Came from the Basement

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