Thursday, July 18, 2013

Latest Grabbers clip features a creature autopsy

Shawn and I have talked long and loud about how much we dug the Irish horror/comedy Grabbers. We reviewed it, and pimped the flick's pending North American release. Now it's time to share with ye fine lads and lasses a clip, don't ya know.

The clip is good for a few things; it shows off one of the creatures, provides a taste of the comedic banter, and let's you know what our very own Cameron "The Establishment" Thompson would look like if he were an Irish science geek. No bullshit.

Watch and judge for yourselves:

Grabbers is directed by John Wright and stars Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley. Guess what? It hits theatres and VOD tomorrow (July19)! We in The Basement strongly suggest you seek it out. Worth the effort.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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