Monday, July 8, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus World War Z

Jason: I'm pretty much done with zombies. Hollywood has taken yet another craze and beaten it to death with a severed limb. Zombies are popular. It's time to move on.

But, and this is a heavy but, Hollywood did right by me with World War Z. We've done the small-band-of-survivors thing to death. Time to go big and go global. Give us a spectacle. That's what Hollywood does well, and they nailed it with World War Z.

This is more of a virus movie where the virus happens to be zombies. I'm cool with that. We get to see swarms -- literally swarms -- of the living dead assault apartment buildings, cities and even unleashed on an airplane in flight. I loved that. Then shit gets toned down for the final act. Nice!

No real blood or gore? Fine. I've got my indie flicks for that, and few indie flicks could go as epic as World War Z does. Every once in a while, I need that.

As for casting Brad Pitt? He does his thing here, and he does it well. Mike S likes to point out that big stars rarely work in horror, and they don't. But Pitt worked here. He knows his market, and he played to it. Good for him.

And Good for World War Z.

Shawn: World War Z starts right up my alley. Forget that it is a zombie movie. Cause spoiler alert, it is. Haha. It has all the elements I crave in a disaster movie. A little build up, some news broadcasts, hinting this or that, then...BAM. Worldwide crisis in no time.

I'm a simple guy, I've always liked simple things. This is no exception. Even the fact that it was rated PG 13, was OK. I've seen enough of zombies pulling people's intestines out, or pulling flesh from the bone..(it's practically on every channel).

This was as fresh a take as they could get, as the genre is quite overdone. If this is the last zombie movie for a while, I'd be OK with that, as I've seen it twice now.

I don't read books. Every Basmentite knows this. But of the four books I've read in my life, World War Z is one of them. If you are expecting this to be the book, then you are going in with expectations that exceed what a film can do. World War Z is written post zombie war. Fragmented and chopped into mini stories. Yeah, film can do that, but I'm glad they didn't with this one. There is room to do stories from the book now.

This movie is the beginning. Before the book...ish. Of course I liked it, hard not to like a zombie movie. Extra points for trying to be more original with it too.

Good from me!

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