Monday, July 8, 2013

Billy Trigger is locked!

The final edit of the Montreal-based action flick Billy Trigger, written and starring John Fallon, is complete! What does this mean? The world is one step closer to seeing this movie on the big screen. Excited? You should be.

Here's what John had to say about the state of the project, which shot last November:

"I believe that Billy Trigger is the best film (director/editor) Christian Viel and I ever collaborated on. His camera work is tops and his action scenes are bad and ass. This is also (surprisingly) the “meatier” flick we’ve ever done as the characters/relationships are fleshed out and layered. A result of the many re-writes I did on the script at the request of executive producer Berge Garabedian and director Viel and of the actors, who brought their own ideas and of course their own energy on set. For example, there’s a love story in the film that wasn’t really on the page, but that was born and took life on set due to the chemistry two of the actors shared (me being one of them)."

I visited the set and got my ass shot to death in the movie. John assured me today I don't suck in my small role.

Billy Trigger also stars screen legend Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, Matthew Bennett, Anderson Bradshaw, Pia Metni (pictured above with John) and Meghan Gabruch

Here's what John said about the cast:

"Fred Williamson goes back to his Black Caesar roots with his nuanced performance here, fans of The Hammer will love this role! Anderson Bradshaw gives what is in my opinion his best showcase to date, his key scene with The Hammer was the tits! Meghan Gabruch is simply a revelation, local casting agents should be beating down her door with axes, the girl’s got chops and then some! Matthew Bennett steals every single scene that he’s in and Pia Metni will make you fall in love with her."

What's next? Sound effects, scoring and then distribution. In a nutshell anyway. All I can say is we're looking forward to seeing a trailer for this bad boy ASAP. We'll keep you posted as the film rolls through post productions.

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Source: John Fallon

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