Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Behold: My Synthesized Life Episode 1.

The wait is over, Basementites! We've pimped writer/director Nate Golon's web series My Synthesized Life for months now (with articles here and here) and the mofo has finally arrived.

The first episode premiered today, with subsequent episodes released every Tuesday and Thursday. What is it? A comedy series about Jimmy Bales, whose voice naturally auto-tunes when he gets electrocuted by his radio during a rap song.

Wanna watch the first one? We've got it for you right here:

Just checked it out myself, and I can safely safe the series is funny without being silly or corny. The auto-tune gag really comes off well. I'm curious to see where Nate and company take the story from here.

The series stars Brent Bailey, Jonathan Schwartz, Katie Gill, Katie Seeley and a slew of special guests including Katie Leclerc of ABC Family's Switched at Birth, Barrett Foa from NCIS: Los Angeles and Tony Award Winner Marissa Jaret Winokur.

For more check out the show's Facebook page and follow it on Twitter.

Source: My Synthesized Life

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