Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Shawn here. Even though we are taking a "break" from The Basement, I still feel compelled to write a highly chauvinistic and sexist look back to the 90's era and the "hotties" it produced.  Not all of them, just my favourite(s).

The reason for this post is that I came to a startling revelation. I made a graaaave error, that was still rewarded with goodness, over the years.........Ha.

This past weekend I watched some 90's flicks. Two, in particular, caught my eye. The first was The 5th Element. Milla Jovovich.Who I had come to believe, as I look back from afar, is my favorite hottie of the 90s.

BUT here is my mistake.The second movie I also watched was Species.

This is when the realization had set in -- that it was Natasha Henstridge who was the one I liked most. I had mixed them up. Simple mistake. Although, very clear to me now. As they both take a distant 2nd and 3rd place finish next to my beautiful wife. First place. Hands down.. 

It happened because Milla continued in movies that I was into. Natasha did not. In my view, she just disappeared and Milla filled the gap...and I had confused them.

Even though I remember thinking, "I swear Milla had bigger boobs than that!" The whole being a brunette, not a blonde, wasn't even a consideration, or an "observation" for that matter. Or that seemed to matter. Haha. 

A simple "google images" search on both ladies will lead you to some exxcellaaant images. Natasha, seemingly more brave, of the two. 

But it was definitely Natasha who was my favourite looking back. But I'll tell you what, both ladies, still look spectacular today

Who was your favourite hottie from the 90's?  These were mine:


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  1. I watched Species with some friends, and it turned out one of them was Natasha's cousin. It was pretty awkward for him - lots of "Yes, yes, I know. My cousin is hot."

    It was a good time, and if I was to re-watch Species, I'd want to watch it with him again.

  2. I feel for the cousin, but that would have been awesome! His cousin is hot!! - J