Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spread the word, it's Something Like a #Phenomenon

It's been months since we updated Basementites on the progress of Jonathan Chance's Shriekfest nominated screenplay Something Like a Phenomenon. 

Chance is charging ahead with getting his script on the big screen, and hopes to have some news in that regard soon. Until then, he's cooked up the promotional video below. Check it:

Also, we encourage all of you to use the #Phenomenon hashtag to generate buzz about this cool sounding flick. John's short The Timeslip is awesome, and we're confident he's going to do something bad ass with the film.

Here's what John has to say about the project, which is based on the very real legend of the Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England: "As a Essex native researching all about my neighboring parish of Borley and the accounts surrounding the rectory I believe this very tale should be nothing less than a feature film and as terrifying a spectacle as the source material and hysteria it has stirred over the decades."

Source: Something Like a Phenomenon
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