Monday, May 20, 2013

Moon Nazis return in Iron Sky: The Coming Race

Best news I've heard all day, and I work in the news business.

Shawn and I loved the shit out of Iron Sky, a sci-fi/action/comedy about moon Nazis invading the earth. The film is one of the few that's ripe for sequel, and it sounds like that's going to happen!

There's not a lot of details at this point, but the first film's director, Timo Vuorensola, promises the follow up will be darker, crazier and more epic. Like the first one wasn't all of the above and then some. It was also fun!

Honestly, all we in The Basement care about is whether or not leading lady Julia Dietze (pictured above) returns. She better.

Crowd funding will play a big part in getting this project off the ground, as was the case with the first Iron Sky. I suggest you head on over to Indiegogo and lend a hand. And if you haven't seen Iron Sky yet, get on it, mofo!

Scope out the first teaser poster for Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

Source: Twitch

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