Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet a cussin' crow in this Rapture-Palooza clip

Sounds to me like this crow took profanity lessons from Shawn and I, but the effect is quite humourous in this clip from the upcoming apocalypse comedy Rapture-Poolza.

Is it just me, or are end-of-the-world comedies all the rage? This is the End. The World's End. Now this. I digress.

Rapture-Palooza stars Anna Kendrick (yum) and John Francis Daley as a young Seattle couple who survive the rapture. Their efforts to lead a normal life among talking locusts, blood-rain showers and pot-smoking wraiths are hindered when the Anti-Christ (Craig Robinson) moves into the neighbourhood and decides to take Kendrick for his bride.

Don't you hate it when that happens?

Not sure where this clip fits into the mix, but it's pretty fucking funny. I especially dig the voice they picked for the crow. The Basement might have to hit this up for one of our summer specials.

Rapture-Poolza hits VOD and limited theatres on June 7.

Source: Machinima
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