Monday, April 8, 2013

Location... Location... Location!

Hey, folks- Mike S invading the blog again.  Jay is once again on a secret mission, and I'll be dropping in to bring you my own unique brand of movie news and fun.

Or, at least, I HOPE it'll be fun for you.

Anyways.  First up, I'm going to share my Top Five Canadian Locations for Filming a Horror Movie... in alphabetical order in order to satisfy my OCD...

1.  Dundurn, Saskatchewan.  When I was in the military, I spent three summers on the Military Training Detachment located there.  I always felt that it would be a great location for a horror movie.  Just imagine, teenagers travelling across Canada, and they get lost, and then break down at an old, abandonded military camp.  Ghostly and ghastly death ensues when the spirits of soldiers killed in chemical warfare experiments rise up looking for someone to take revenge on... anyone to take revenge on...

 2.  Prince Edward Island.  Let's face it- small, rural communities are a staple of horror movies.  Prince Edward Island is perfect for suppling such towns. A new couple moves to the town, only to find that the populace is not the most friendly people. Soon, their family is in danger as a dark secret from the town's past rises up to bring chaos, death, and darkness to those that live there- culminating in an explosive end to the conflict with pure evil.

3.  Vancouver, British Coloumbia.  If PEI would be great for a rural based horror movie, then Vancouver would be perfect for something more urban.  Somehow, I can imagine a "They Live" sort of movie- or something along the lines of the 1978 version of "Invastion of the Body Snatchers".  I just wouldn't film during the Stanley Cup playoffs if the Canucks are playing due to the possibility of rioting.

4.  Wasaga Beach, Ontario.  Just like rural towns, summer vacation spots are also a huge staple of horror movies- especially teen oriented ones. During the summer, the beach is teeming with hot, sexy, scantily clad women bouncing around playing beach volleyball or just lounging. Perfect bait for a creature from the bottom of the watery depths... or a pychotic killer stalking a group of hot teens as they camp out at one of the nearby campsites.

5.  Yellowknife, Northerwest Territories.  When I spent six months up there a few years ago, I was impressed by the beauty and the harshness of the area.  A story about a group of Canadian Rangers doing their rounds being stalked by a polar bear or Wendigo would be perfect for the great white north.  There's even a detachment of Canadian Rangers up there too.  I think it would be cool to see a whirlwind of snow swirling towards the camera, only to have it form the ghostly appearance of a Wendigo before bursting into snowflakes again as it posseses someone.

So, there you have it- my Top 5 Canadian Locations for Filming a Horror Movie.  What Canadian placed do YOU think would be perfect for a horror movie?  Send us an e-mail at and let us know!
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