Friday, April 5, 2013

An intense new trailer for House of Good and Evil

Blu de Golyer's psychological thriller House of Good and Evil screens at the Arizona International Film Festival a week tonight, so it seems only fitting that a new trailer for this creepy looking flick has hit The Basement.

House of Good and Evil follows the story of a young couple who move from the fast-paced life of the city to an isolated home nestled deep in the woods of Appalachia in a last-chance effort to save their deteriorating marriage. They quickly find out extraordinary evil has followed them to their new address.

What that evil is isn't clear. Is it a ghost? Creepy old lady? The couple themselves? Only time will tell, but thank Jebus that this preview didn't give away all the goods. I actually want to watch House of of Good and Evil and find out. That's a rarity these days.

The flick stars Rachel Marie Lewis, Christian Oliver, Marietta Marich, Jordan Rhodes, Rob Neukirch and Bo Keister.

For more on House of Good and Evil, visit the Facebook page. Thanks to Blu for sending us the preview.

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