Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Basement joins the Alliance

No, not the rebel alliance. The Horror Blogger Alliance. Much cooler really. And we don't have to put up with that whiny bitch Luke Skywalker.

In all seriousness, we're pretty damn excited to be a sponsor of the HBA. Not only does the alliance's main dude, Jeremy, seem like a genuinely cool guy, but he loves horror dammit! And loving horror is a very good thing.

Here's what the HBA is all about, in their own words:

Welcome to the Horror Blogger Alliance, a site dedicated to the individuals that pour their tireless effort, heart, and soul in to writing about the genre they love: Horror. It is always important to recognize the hard work that every person contributes to the online blogging community, and every single person deserves the right to be read. As such, this Alliance is an open-admission organization that will hopefully be used to promote new and existing blogs and bloggers, and help introduce the community to a wide variety of different talents!

No, this will not impact our work/membership with the almighty 2nd Unit Podcast Network. We're members for life, and will continue to spread the word about 2nd Unit's infinite badassness!

Now get your asses over to the HBA, check it out and, if you love horror as much as Shawn, Jeremy and I, apply to become a member.

Source: Horror Blogger Alliance
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