Thursday, March 21, 2013

The American Scream and Hypothermia

Much like his cinematic counterpart with the machete and hockey mask, Jason is back. And just in time too. For what, we're not really sure. But The Basement is glad to have him.

Wait, he's just in time to join Shawn for a pair of reviews guaranteed to thrill and chill you. Well, not really.

First up is The American Scream: an original documentary that follows three families in a small seaside town in Massachusetts as they prepare for their annual home made haunted houses. This story highlights their long journey from planning to opening day and the obstacles which face them during the process.

Then the Basement Boys freeze their asses off with Hypothermia. In it, Ray Pelletier just wants to spend a pleasant and relaxing weekend ice fishing with his family. Alas, Ray's plans are ruined by the unwanted presence of the obnoxious big city father and son duo of Steve Cote and Stevie Jr. However, the two squabbling families are forced to set aside their differences and work together when a vicious monster awakens from the cold waters of the remote frozen lake they are staying at.

And stick with us as Jason and Shawn reveal five, count 'em five, A-list movie stars who should take a break from the big time and appear in a B-movie. For fun.

So tune in at 10 p.m. PST at 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops and online at If you miss tonight's broadcast, we repeat Friday at 10 p.m. and again Monday at 11 p.m. If all goes well, someone will be tweeting along to tonight's episode @camethebasement.

Now for a couple of previews.

The American Scream


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