Friday, March 8, 2013

Shawn and Greg versus The Bay and Silent Hill: Revelation

The Bay

Shawn: I’m pretty tired of saying how tired I am of all these “found footagefilms. Seriously. Enough. If this is the last one I have to watch, (which I know it isn’t), I’d be happy. I can’t even believe I’m going to say this but... This found footage flick is polished. Probably the best one I’ve ever watched. Other found footage movies can take some lessons here. Also, thank you for using more security, police and Skype footage. Makes for a less shaky, vomit-inducing watch. This flick captured the feel of a good disaster movie. Captured the intensity, the panic, the news reports all fell together nicely. Lead character…if you will, was an amateur reporter, but made for an interesting fit. I dug this found footage flick. So there. I’m even going to give it a Good. Good luck impressing me with found footage again!

Greg: First up we have The Bay from the creators of Paranormal Activity. Which, right from the start is shown in how the film was made. Yes its another found footage film movie.... but on the plus side, it uses many different views and camera placements that help sell that it was actually found film footage from many cameras throughout the town. By using more then a couple of camera views, it really helps pull you in and make it more believable than Paranormal Activity. The story takes an event that happened in real life and tries to pull truth from it, which I loved. Any horror movie that can make something that has happened and put a horror twist only makes it more believable. It seemed to have the right amount of believability, horror, cover up, mystery and some cool infected town people special effects that I can only give it a Good.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Shawn: Not being a HUGE video game enthusiast, mostly due to lack of time, I found this movie uninteresting, and the same as the video games, other movies, etc and so forth. It looked great, had some great actors, but really didn’t do anything Earth shattering. Had some great images and spewed forth some decent gore. It looked pretty but that didn’t really save it from being mediocre. Looking pretty, Hollywood, doesn’t always help your plight. Bad.

Greg: Second up, from the video game franchise Silent Hill, we have Silent Hill Revelation 3D. Most movies to game or game to movies seem to lose a little when crossing platforms. The director or actors drop the ball when it seems like it's so easy.... just make it like you see in the Game/Film. Things done in games and things done in movies don't always translate as good when you have to cross them over to a different platform of entertainment. But if you watch movies and play video games you already know this. Silent Hill Revelation 3D nails it. By nails it I mean it almost corrects and improves all the mistakes from the first film. The movie does a great job of taking the Silent Hill 3 game and putting in on screen. Not perfect mind you, there are a few changes, but they are in the realm of being over looked since you don't want it to be 100 per cent like the game. Overall it is one of the better, if not best, adaption of a video game onto the movie screen. It takes everything you love about Silent Hill and does it justice, it even answers a few questions that fans wanted answered. Hell, the ending even sets the stage for a sequel and connects to the video game Silent Hill Downpour, another Good is needed.
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