Monday, March 4, 2013

Mike S tweets Support Your Local Sheriff

Once a week our mad twit Mike S from the Corner of Terror will shanghai The Basement's Twitter account and tweet along to a non-horror movie, all for your Internet pleasure. Cool, yes!?! We think so. 

This week he saddled up alongside James Garner for Burt Kennedy's 1969 comic western Support Your Local Sheriff.

Mike S here with another movie tweet-along. This week, I'm watching !

I wonder how many people automatically think of Colonel Potter from "M*A*S*H" when they see Harry Morgan?  

Nothing says, "somber funeral" like a fight over gold in a grave.  

: In addition to "M*A*S*H", Harry Morgan also starred in the the TV series, "Dragnet"

Did you know that Tom Cruise owned United Artists Pictures for a short period of time?  

Not going to lie- I'm a HUGE James Garner fan. Used to watch "Maverick" & "Rockford Files" reruns all the time.  

Saloons with batwing doors must've been a bitch to keep warm in winter back in the wild west.  

When James Garner says to stop fighting so his food doesn't get spilled- you stop fighting.  

has a scene with a woman mud fighting. No boobies though.

"I thought this was frontier country and we were pioneers..."  

The jail's designed to be inescapable... but is missing the iron bars for the cells...  

Jack Elam is one of the great comedic actors of all time.  

"Just because we've lost three sheriffs doesn't mean we're going to lose four..."  

: There's a 10 ft tall statue of James Garner as in Norman, Oklahoma.

James Garner and Jack Elam make a great team in their movies.  

"I was in a hurry to save your life- I wasn't trying to group my shots..."  

"What would I want with a reputation? That's a good way to get yourself killed."  

I wouldn't want to be a woman doing the scene where the Mayor's daughter's dress catches fire.  

: The finger in the gun barrel. Never gets old- especially when done by James Garner or Bugs Bunny.

: Hinting they want a relationship with you- then saying they're not interested when you bring it up.

Dynamite fishing is such a... "blast"...  

James Garner's characters are also such smooth talkers...  

Not every day you see a prisoner helping to build his cell.  

: Jack Elam lost the sight in his left eye as a kid after being stabbed by a pencil at a Boy Scouts meeting.

The guy in jail knows how sturdy the bars are... he helped install them...  

The music during the carriage scene reminds me of the TV series, .  

Why do cowboy gangs always line up when riding into town to gun down the sheriff?  

Only in a James Garner movie can a bad guy chastise him for blowing up a whore house...  

With James Garner carrying the girl off into the sunset and Jack Elam posing heroic-like. This tweet-along to ends

What would I rate, ? I'm giving it a "Good"

 Join me next time when I tweet along to, (1956)

Tune in to @camethebasement next Sunday night as Mike S. tweets along to another non-horror film.

You can follow Mike S @TerrorCorner.   

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