Monday, March 11, 2013

Mike S tweets Satellite in the Sky

Once a week our mad twit Mike S from the Corner of Terror will shanghai The Basement's Twitter account and tweet along to a non-horror movie, all for your Internet pleasure. Cool, yes!?! We think so. 

This week, The S sits down with the 1956 British sci-fi "classic" Satellite in the Sky. 'Nuff said.

Hey folks, Mike S here starting this week's tweet-along. Tonight it's... (1956)!

Nostrodamus (whose quote starts ) is one of the most controversial seers throughout history...

Wanna be fashionable in the lab? Wear and ascot, man.  

They can tell who's flying by the sound of the PLANE? Damn, that's some good hearing they have...  

Were they serving wine at a press conference?  

The first trip to the moon took place in 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Lunar surface.  

Female Reporter: "Don't mind if I say this: I'm glad I'm not your wife." Cmdr Hayden: "So am I."  

: was the first British film to be made in CinemaScope AND colour.

Airplane lovers would probably enjoy the scenes with the planes flying around.  

Ummmm... You're taking her to see a space craft without checking security clearance, or requesting approval? Really?  

At least that guy was wondering what she was doing there... or he was checking out her ass... she's got a nice one.  

No offense ladies, but if you know a guy is a workaholic, and is going to be away alot...don't bloody marry him!  

What is the female reporting doing at the base after night fall? I think she's about to do something stupid.  

You know, if I caught her inside the space craft at MY base... I'd bloody shoot her...  

Cue the shady War Dept guy who lets the space pilot know that his ship has a bomb on it... to be exploded in space.  

Britain, 1956: An era of men in bow ties...  

Awwww... Jimmy is proposing over the phone because he can't be there to do it in person. She said, "Yes" *spoiler*  

That spacesuit reminds me of the Michelin Man...

They're selling ice cream at a rocket launch...  

That ascot really doesn't go so well with a white jump suit... especially with that hair...  

The special fuse for the bomb on the space craft contains acid... Yeah, this won't end well...  

That rocket has a really spacious cockpit... it's almost as big as The Entriprise's bridge.  

There ARE somethings I don't mind seeing CGI for... flying rockets are one of them...  

Okay, the ascots look better with the dark grey jump suits than the white jumpsuits. But not much better.  

I wonder what "Lefty" writes in that book that merits sad music...  

Aaaand they find the female reporter unconcious in a storage locker... on the spacecraft... with the bomb.  

Bryan Forbes, who plays Jimmy looks a like Alec Baldwin...  

Ummmm... I think it's SECURITY that should be explaining how that reporter got past them onto the space craft.  

The professor is chastising the female reporter for stowing away... but accepts the coffee she made gladly...  

Wait... If the bomb explodes in space- and causes huge winds on Earth- what will it do to the ship- which is closer?  

Aaaand cue the first failure of technology putting the crew in danger from the bomb.  

To be honest- other than the rocket, the production value for is really quite good...

Movies like this illustrate the importance of redundant systems, back-ups, and fail safes.  

I wonder what sex in zero g would be like... Not that we'll get to see that sort of thing in  

Really? The Cmdr and the female reporter are having a romantic moment while a BOMB is attached to their ship?  

Uh oh... The Professor is up to something... and not a type of something...  

Whoa. Wait. What? The Cmdr just proposed to the female reporter. Talk about speed dating.  

With The Professor and "Lefty" being heroic, and an impressive explosion, comes to an end- as does this tweet along.

What would I rate ? I'm putting it in - it's fun, but not worth more than a single viewing.

Tune in to @camethebasement next Sunday night as Mike S. tweets along to another non-horror film.

You can follow Mike S @TerrorCorner.   

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