Friday, March 22, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus The American Scream and Hypothermia

The American Scream

Jason: This documentary isn't for everyone. In fact, if you don't love Halloween – and I mean LOVE Halloween – you're not going to get it. And if you can't comprehend the mad desire to decorate your yard with anything but Christmas decorations, you shouldn't even be listening to this show. Suffice to say, I really dug Michael Stephenson's documentary. For one, I got a lot of great ideas for what I want to do to my house and yard next year. For another, I found the people involved compelling. Even the weird, and clearly mentally ill, father/son duo were interesting in their own way. And I really, really want to visit Fairhaven one Halloween. It's become my Mecca. Obviously, this rates a Good in my book.

Shawn: I found this to be quite a sad documentary. While Jay found inspiration, I saw sacrifice, obsession and divorce...haha. ...That said, documentaries aren't my forte. That is a drawback going in. This one was done well, as it drew some emotion from me, and looked alright, but I still feel like I suffered through it, more than I enjoyed it. I'm going to have to give it a Bad.


Jason: It's not very often you stumble across an old-school monster movie, and Hypothermia is as pretty old school a monster movie as it gets, right down to the guy in the rubber suit. Hypothermia is pretty bad to the ass. I liked the idea, I liked how everything played out, and I even liked the idea behind the monster. There's some decent gore, a couple of shorts shitting moments and Michael Rooker, who is scary even when he's playing a nice guy. The running time is pretty short but, much like Dead Shadows, I was actually left wanting more. I dug Hypothermia enough to give it a Good and watch it again. Basementites take note, this is one for you!

Shawn: I've discovered that acting can sometimes make or break a movie. This is disturbing, a little. I don't want to turn into a pretentious movie reviewer. But I tell you, if this movie had unknown crap actors, it could have easily been dog shit. Really. I was pleasantly surprised though. Went in with low expectations and was satisfied at the end. Rare. Also, fucking dude-in-a-suit monster! That doesn't happen too often. Whether the cheapness of the suit, or the guise of suspense, they showed it, just that "right" amount of time throughout the it was still eerie, without being old news. Cheers and a Good to this movie.
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