Friday, February 1, 2013

Witness Hunter: The Short Film right now

Listen up you primitive screwheads, we've got a treat for your horror-movie-loving asses on this Friday night. A film we've been pimping for quite some time.

Back at the start of Season Two we introduced you to writer/director Ryan Shovey and his passion project, the slasher movie Hunter. Since then we've followed Ryan as he put together enough dough to make a short film with the intention of using it to raise money for a full-fledged feature.

Well, he's done that. The Hunter short has screened at two festivals, been accepted into a third, and Ryan and his crew are awaiting word from four more.

We've talked about it before, and now we're going to show it to you. And if you'll recall, we found it awesome. Hopefully, you do to.

Here it is:

Wanna help get this movie made? All Ryan needs is $50,000 to do it. Get on over to his Kickstart page and do your part to make this film happen. We're confident he can make this bad to the ass short into a fucking awesome movie!

Source: Hunter: The Film
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