Saturday, February 16, 2013

The teaser poster for Stallone/Schwarzenegger's The Tomb

Any fan of 80s action has got to be looking forward to the upcoming Sylvester Stallone - Arnold Schwarzenegger team up The Tomb. How could you not be? It's two of the biggest action icons ever together in the whole movie. No cameos. Star turns. More testosterone than any sane person can handle.

The flick doesn't hit until Sept. 27, but we've got the first teaser poster for the film. And it's . . . the heads of the stars. And some words.

But that's fine. The hype machine has to start somewhere, and one can do worse than this. It's a nice poster that sells what we're going to pay to see -- Stallone and Schwarzenegger in a movie called The Tomb.


Anywho, it's Saturday night and I gotta get my drink on. Enjoy the poster and remember, Mike S is in charge for the next six-ish weeks. He says "Boo-yah! How you like me now!?!"

Source: Arrow in the Head
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