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Mike S tweets Public Enemies

Every Friday night our mad twit Mike S from the Corner of Terror will shanghai The Basement's Twitter account and tweet along to a non-horror movie, all for your Internet pleasure. Cool, yes!?! We think so.

On Feb. 17 -- yes, a Sunday. Dude had technical problems -- he switched on the 2009 Johnny Depp gangster dramas Public Enemies. Below are his thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Apparently, 1933 was the "Golden Age" of bank robberies...  

"My friends call me John- a sonofabitch screw like you better address me as "Mr Dillinger"..."  

- John Dillinger was the first person declared "Public Enemy No. 1" by the FBI.

I like the music being played during Christian Bale's chase of "Pretty Boy" Floyd.  

: The woman that John Dillinger was with the night he was killed is commonly referred to as "The Woman in Red".  

"All that matters is where you're going."

The $3.00 dress that Dillinger's lady friend is wearing would cost about $300.00 nowadays...  

Somehow, I don't think Dillinger's way of landing a girlfriend (telling her that she is) would work these days.  

All it took for Dillinger to get some nookie on a first date was a fur coat.  

Why is Christian Bale taking others on a raid with him? He's frickin' BATMAN, dude!  

I think I know why Christian Bale became Batman... "Baby Faced" Nelson got away from a bust...  

I like the sunglasses Dillinger's wearing at the horse races... I want a pair like that.  

Dillinger's going to pull a "Capt Jack Sparrow" and escape prison...  

: Of the 16 robberies that John Dillinger committed- only one got him a homicide charge,

1930's: A time when bank robbers could joke around with cops and reporters after being arrested.  

The DA wants to move Dillinger to the State pen- but gets derailed when the Sheriff takes offense to her jail being insulted.  

During the Indiana prison escape, the guard's jacked is ripped down the middle of his back- then it's fixed in the next shot.  

There's a platoon of soldiers guarding the jail... and Dillinger just quietly drives away...  

Johnny Depp gets to sing in this movie- not much, but a bit of a ditty at least...  

I don't think Christian Bale likes J Edgar Hoover much anymore- he's bad for Batman's reputation.  

"Junior G-Men"... Who else had a corps of child informants? Oh... wait... Hitler. Hoover's an arse.  

All it takes is one trigger happy psycho to make a bank job go badly...  

The FBI under J Edgar Hoover: Denying a man medical aid for a bullet to the head in order to get information from him.  

The gunfight at the Little Bohemia Lodge is what mobster gunfights should look like.  

What the heck is that guy firing- an elephant gun? It's ripping the trees apart!  

"Baby Face" Nelson is in for a world of hurt... Christian Bale's on his ass...  

I told you "Baby Face"... I done warn you Christian Bale was on your ass...  

Careful Dillinger- the Syndicate's not too happy about you irritating the FBI...  

The FBI under J Edgar Hoover: Slapping women around as part of interrogation is perfectly okay.  

It's like I'm watching an interrogation under the auspices of The Patriot Act...  

Christian Bale don't tolerate no fat ass cop smacking women around. Why? He's Christian frickin' Bale- THAT'S WHY?  

And the set-up of the climax begins...  

Yeah, I don't think Dillinger would go see a Shirley Temple movie...  

Wow... It takes balls to walk into the headquarters of the police team that's hunting you...  

: The Woman in Red (who was with Dillinger the night he was killed) really wore orange- the lights made it look red.

Humans are morbid- After Dillinger was killed- people dipped their hankies in his blood as mementos of the event.  

As the credits roll, one last piece of Dillinger Trivia: Many people believe that a double was killed that night.  

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm giving a Good!

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