Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus First Blood and Dead and Breakfast

First Blood

Shawn: You need to see it because it began the legacy of ALL these Chuck Norris-Arnold-save-the-Vietnam-POW-movies. Sly is the action man that started it all.

Can I say more? Yes, but don't DIE before YOU see it. The movie covered so many different era events too. Vietnam vets, police brutality, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. And shit blows up.



Jason: I can't remember the last time I watched First Blood. It was certainly back in the 90s, maybe even the 80s. Shame. I know. Some 80s action guy I turned out to be.

First off, aside from the hair, fashion and fact that Stallone doesn't look like he was chipped out of rock, this movie holds up well. That's because it's a simple story told in a straight-forward manner. There's no special effects, just cool shit done in-camera. And the action is pretty straight ahead.

I forgot how good Sly is in this movie. People forget that he was a really great actor before he became this big action star. And Richard Crenna is the man! Truth is, I wish they made more movies like this. It's an action movie, and a serious one, but it's cool at the same time. All the asshats get what's coming to them, there's some cool lines, and shit gets blown up. It's bad to the ass.

First Blood isn't as over the top as Rambo: First Blood Part 2 or Rambo 3, but it doesn't quite have the grit that the most recent Rambo had. Still it's a solid flick, and a Good in my book.

Dead and Breakfast

Jason: Why is this movie one that fans need to see before they die? Because it's a musical-horror-comedy, and it doesn't suck.

For one, it's a low budget movie that's not hindered by it's budget. There's blood galore, especially during the final gruesome assault on the bed and breakfast. And there's a lot of them zombies too, and they do the Thriller dance to one of the best country/rap songs I've ever heard. I liked it so much we played it on the show last season.

About the music, it's great. All of it. Doesn't bug me one bit. Nor the animated bits that bridge scenes and explain the backstory. In fact, these elements should have driven me mental, but they actually make Dead and Breakfast what it is. The movie wouldn't work without them.

Naturally, this is a Good. And any horror fan who hasn't seen it needs to get their ass to Mars . . . I mean check it out.

Shawn:  Shaun of the Dead with fucking cool musical-intertwined comedy. As witty, as funny, as quirky. But with more gore.

Fuck yeah.

Not zombies, either...but possessed, demonized ...something.

Really a great movie, for Basementites. Def a Good.
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