Wednesday, January 16, 2013

S-VHS teaser promises more shaky cam fear

Which really shouldn't surprise anyone. Its predecessor was an anthology of found-footage horror tales, so why expect anything different from the sequel?

Still, I dug V/H/S a lot despite my growing hatred for found-footage flicks. I will give this follow up a go after it premieres at the annual Sundance Film Festival. And the teaser trailer does look promising, which is what teaser trailers are supposed to do.

I'm dying to know what interrupts that kid's birthday party . . .

The sequel brings back writer/directors Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett and adds The Raid: Redemption helmer Gareth Evans, Eduardo Sanchez of The Blair Witch Project fame, Hobo With A Shotgun director Jason Eisener and Timo Tjahjanto.

The film is produced and financed by The Collective and Bloody Disgusting. The plot follows a pair of investigators who discover a tape while looking for a student.

And now the teaser. Sorry about the ad.

Thanks to Empire Online for digging this up. 

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