Thursday, January 24, 2013

May the Force be With JJ Abrams

Hey, folks- Mike S popping in to drop the down low on some cool "Star Wars" news.  Now, we already know that Disney bought the rights to the "Star Wars" franchise, right?  Right. We ALSO know that Disney has said that they will be producing three more movies in the series, right?  Right.

Now, the news you may not have heard yet:

JJ Abrams has been brought on board to direct the first of the new movies.

That's right. The man that helped to bring "Star Trek" to a brand new -- and exciting, beginning will hopefully bring the same excitement, enthusiasm, and skill to the new "Star Wars" film. Originally, Abrams declined the position when first approached, but Kathleen Kennedy (Lucasfilm Chief), was ultimately able to bring him to the table and take the job.

As fanboys of both "Star Trek" and Star Wars", we're glad.

Lucasfilm spokeswoman Lynne Hale, declined to discuss the deal, and plans for the movie.

There's no question in this fan's mind that the first new "Star Wars" movie will be good. The real question is... will there be lens flares?

Source:  TheWrap
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