Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus Branded and John Dies at the End


Shawn:  I don't know if my time was wasted here or not! I dislike movies that COULD be explained away through mental disorders or drug induced paranoia at the end. Not because they may not have been good, but because I don't want to watch a movie that was a waste of my fucking time after enjoying it. Ha ha.

I don't know where I stand on this. It was a real ride, but strange indeed. It did look great, I got the message, but don't really understand the purpose of the film.

It definitely isn't Ugly, but I also struggle to find the Good. So I'm going to leave it at a Bad, because I won't watch it again. Not even to attempt to sort it out.

Jason: Shawn and I have complained at length about the lack of original material coming out of Hollywood these days. Then along come Branded and John Dies at the End to prove us wrong.

Wait, neither was made by a Hollywood studio? Never mind then.

I didn't really care much for the characters in Branded. Ed Stoppard is kind of shallow and callous and, although he comes around in the end, using his evil marketing powers for good, I didn't give two shits about him.

Ditto Leelee Sobieski. She's smoking hot, and more likable then Stoppard, but I didn't care about her either. Actually, I didn't like anyone in this movie. Hence it's a pretty vapid experience for me no matter what I think about the evils of advertising.

Branded has a lot to say, and I agree with most of its message. But, in the end, I didn't give enough of a shit to be fully engaged by it. It's an interesting movie, if not a little too long and sluggishly paced, but I can't give it any more than a Bad. A fine watch once, but no more.

John Dies at the End

Shawn: Good grief. Another drug-induced film. This was a lot more stable, though, than Branded. Had a better story, and was way more entertaining.

I dug this quite a bit. I'll likely watch the fucker again. I would also watch more of these, if they were to make more.

Not too much else to say. Likely an instant classic. It might take a few years to filter through the sheeple to cultify it. That is why we are here: cutting through the sheepleheaded corporations. A Good from me.

Jason: This is hands down one of the most batshit crazy movies I've ever seen. That needs to be said right away. A meat monster? A drug called Soy Sauce that let's you see an alternate reality? Invaders from another dimension? And the only thing that can save us are two college dropouts and Clancy Brown?

Weird. Yes John Dies at the End is also highly entertaining, funny as fuck and full of moments of gruesome, yet bizarre, violence. I liked it a lot!

Credit has to go to writer/director Don Coscarelli, who adapted Jason Pargin's book of the same name. He handles it all in a very dry, matter-of-fact way that makes everything even funnier.

Truth is, I wanted to see more of the adventures of Dan and John. And everything is left open for a sequel, so why not? I'm giving John Dies at the End a Good, and suggest everyone see it as soon as possible.
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