Monday, January 7, 2013

Hell hath no fury like this Girls Against Boys trailer

This twisted looking little flick came right in under our radar until I stumbled across the trailer below. And it looks like these chicks dish out some pretty brutal stuff.

The plot for Girls Against Boys is simple: genre hottie Danielle Panabaker plays Shae, who learns her older boyfriend isn't nearly as far along in divorce proceedings as he has implied. After he dumps her, Shae bonds with redheaded stranger Lu, Nicole LaLiberte. The two go clubbing, get too drunk, and end up in a stranger's apartment with three guys who hope they're getting lucky. Things get grindhousely nasty from there.

Girls Against Boys comes from the writng/directing mind of some dude named Austin Chick. Ten bucks says that's not really his last name. As for his film, looks promising. Female revenge movies can be decent . . . and nasty. I Spit on Your Grave anyone?

The film opens Feb. 1.

Thanks to the folks at Bloody Disgusting for the skinny.

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