Monday, January 14, 2013

Fringe finale gets teased

Gonna say it right now, I haven't watched the teaser for the finale of Fox's sci-fi series Fringe. My wife and I are just digging into season four, and I don't want even the slightest hint at how J.J. Abrams intends to end things.

But I know there are people who want to be teased, which is why we're posting the preview here in The Basement. And, if there are Basementites out there who haven't jumped on the Fringe bandwagon, get your shit together! This is network TV at its finest.

In the words of TV Line, the acclaimed series that has explored the human condition through the prism of parallel universes, unexplainable phenomena and unimaginable threats, reaches a milestone 100th episode and comes to an epic and climatic conclusion. First, the Fringe team engages a desperate plan as Olivia embarks on a dangerous and otherworldly journey into the unknown. Then, Peter, Olivia, Walter, Astrid and Broyles face off against the Observers in one final and extraordinary battle for the fate of mankind. The five-season saga comes to an epic and emotional end in the special two-hour Liberty/An Enemy of Fate series finale episode.

Now to lock myself in an isolation cube for the next several months so no one leaks what happens. All I know is I'm going to miss the adventures of Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid after Fringe concludes on Friday.

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