Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brooke Lewis joins Gillian Anderson, Hilary Duff for theatre fundraiser

That's a lot of hotness for one headline, but these three genre faves just scratch the surface of beauty and generosity who put their love behind the fifth Kick Up Your Heels celebrity online auction.

All the money raised supports the Lancaster Opera House summer theatre camps for children aged 6 to 16. And it's real ease to help Brooke help the kids. Head over to the Brooke Lewis Scream Queen donation page and bid on a pair of autographed high heels worn by Brooke. Literally, it's that easy.

In the words of our favourite scream queen, "As Ms. Vampy, you know how committed I am to supporting tweens and teens and as an actress, I believe that all young people should have an opportunity to be creative and express themselves. Theatre arts was a huge emotional outlet for me, as a kid and I want to give that to someone else. Plus, who better to donate high heels than me, since I wouldn't be caught 'dead' without them?"

To learn more about the Lancaster Opera House and auction, click here.

Who else is taking part? Check it: Rebecca Black, Kelly Clarkson, Adrienne Barbeau, Erika Eleniak, Debbie Gibson, Melissa Joan Hart and many, many more.

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