Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zombies come of age with web series Ferals

If you think The Walking Dead has the zombie market cornered, think again. A new web series from Australia is poised to take the undead genre in a whole new direction with Ferals.

Producer Bridget Curran is one of the fine folks behind the series, which is currently seeking funding from the international horror community.

What's it about? Here's the pitch: Ferals is a zombie coming of age story. People don’t die and reanimate, they get sick and deteriorate. The series will tell the story of a family struggling to come to terms with a pandemic that tears them apart.

If you think that sounds like your cup of grue -- and I'm pretty sure it does -- we in The Basement suggest stopping by the Ferals Facebook page and giving it a Like. You can also enjoy the countdown to their official campaign drive on 12/12/12 as the Ferals team posts a favourite zombie moment a day until the launch. 

If you know anyone who loves horror and would like to see a quality project get off the ground, send him or her Ferals' way. You'll feel good about yourself if you do.

Stick with us as we provide further details on the series as it develops. And "break a leg" to Bridget and her team!

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