Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why the world should have ended yesterday

Hi there. Did you miss my DOOOM and GLOOM "Countdown To Extinction?" Yeah, as foretold by Prophet Shawn, in the Basement, the "end" fell short and disappointed conspiracy theorists everywhere. Put your "bug out" bags back on the shelf, and get your asses back to work. Lol.

Yesterday, was prophesied to be THE END. Not a rapture, (X2 because of bad math), not a second coming, or massive floods. THE END. Armageddon. Some people thought that they may even escape death and actually prepared, for surviving this "end". When I think of this whole idea, I think of atmosphere stripping solar winds, planet smashing collisions and other absolute Earth ending, nothing survivable, events. At all. By anything. So the idea of stocking up on ammo, food, water etc . . . never crossed my mind. 

Those "preppers" aren't entirely crazy, though. The time they will "need" their stockpiles won't be from natural extinction level events (e.l.e.), but from their fellow man. Man can be a nasty animal. When we get nasty, I'm glad that the "preppers" will be there to stand up against what our monstrosity can produce.

In terms of monstrosities, I speak of the movie, Disaster Movie. I'm not even going to put a trailer on this blog to talk about it.
Disaster Movie was endured because that is my job here in The Basement. To watch "B" movies in search of hidden gems and spread the word. The word I spread here is I fucking took one for the team. At one point, my wife yelled down the stairs, "What is all that singing and dancing going on down there???" . . . Basementites, I shit you not.
This movie is one reason I held out a teeeeeny tiiiiny bit of hope that maybe the world should have ended yesterday. Imagine this movie as a legacy of man??! Lol.

In the end, (Lol) I'm very glad we are still here!! And in the words of Barry Manilow, "Looks Like We Made It..."

Thanks for sticking with us, enduring the Countdown to Extinction.

Hope you enjoyed the Mayan's 2012 A-crap-alypse.

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