Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wall-E: A children's movie makes the doom and gloom countdown.


Animated children's movie, Wall-E, makes the Mayans' apocalyptic countdown list.

Yes, a "kids" flick. The reason is, Earth is no longer habitable due to the amount of garbage and pollution we have generated.
Humans then evacuated the earth, leaving behind autonomous robots to clean the mess up, in hopes to one day return, when hospitable for life.

Meanwhile, humans have become so reliant in their tech, they have evolved shrunken bones and swollen fat. Now barely able to even "walk".

This is a future I fear most. Why? Because we are disgusting, fat and lazy. It is sooo much more plausible than most of the movies on this countdown. Yet is still a cute look at robot love. Lol.

I've watched this movie, likely, 100 times. I have three kids. They all love to watch it. I never really minded the watch. The lesson I learned: we are a bunch of dirty fucks. Hopefully we can avoid this future. Maybe the Mayans' didn't become extinct.  They just GTFO~!.

Nine days, until doom, Basementites. Nine days.


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