Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monkeys and the End: Shawn and Planet of the Apes


16 days until the Mayans may have predicted that we would advance ourselves to the point of accidently sending a monkey into our past. Then travelling to the point where the monkeys have "evolved" into the dominant species.

Or something like that.  I'm not even sure anymore. Haha.

Depending on what you believe, in terms of time travel, the remake was better than the original, at least for me. Still not a Good, but a fun and silly concept. Bad from me.

Also, Mark Wahlberg is a far better actor than Charlton Heston, IMO. That  isn't necessary, but it helps. Haha.

I also would recommend the newer Rise Of The Planet of the Apes.  That, I gave a Good. 

Either way you look at it, the end is neigh.

Monkeys? Sixteen days to find out.


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