Friday, December 7, 2012

Jason and Shawn review Rites of Spring and Grabbers

Rites of Spring

Shawn: This movie was intriguing. Crime, slasher, monster movie. I really dug the feel of it. It felt big budget 80’s style. The cinematography was awesome, the framing great . . . wait, that is Jay's brain talk. Too much brain talk and my virginity may grow back

This was a fuckin' rad movie, kept interesting the whole way through. And I loved that, even in the face of danger and death, the douchebag was still a douche. The head munching “monster” wasn’t an uber monster, but it wasn’t CGI, and it was still scary enough to not be lame.

We recently spoke with Padraig Reynolds and nothing made me happier than to hear that there will be follow ups to this movie. Yes, I was actually excited over a fucking sequel.

This is a Good, and it is on Netflix. Check the motherfucker out.

Jason: Boy oh boy, is this a highly entertaining throwback to the horror flicks of the late 70s and early 80s. Rites of Spring is the kind of movie John Carpenter would have made in his heyday. It's that good.

Kudos to A.J. Bowen and Anessa Ramsey, who pull off great performances here, not that that's what we're all about in The Basement. Is there blood? Yes. Boobies? Yup, but not in a fun way. Hotties? More than enough eye candy is present thanks to Ramsey, Katherine Randolph, and Sarah Parchelli.

The last 33 minutes of this movie play like gangbusters, satisfying all your horror needs. And the villain of the piece is pretty badass. This is a must for genre fans, and one to enjoy over and over again. I've watched Rites of Spring three times now. I can't wait to see it again. And I am so looking forward to the sequel. It's a Good. Give it a go!


Shawn: I was unsure of the balance of comedy mixed with a monster movie. Irish drinking movie? I could see the philosophy there. Let’s get drunk and make a movie! Fucking eh!

This seemed like a winning formula to me. It was funny, though realistic enough to carry some intensity with it. I’m hoping the cast and crew all did get drunk while filming. Otherwise, what a waste . . . Hahaha.

The monster was CGI, but it was layered in nicely, and believable. 

I’m definitely giving this a Good. Going to get drunk next time I watch it, see if it is as much fun.

Jason: Grabbers is scary, funny and lightweight fun, only with a drunken Irish twist.

A lot of this movie's success hinges on how likable the characters are – all the characters. There isn't one person in this movie who I couldn't stand. I dug everyone, from Ruth Bradley's uptight and sexy cop to Lalor Roddy's town drunk. This is an expertly cast and performed movie. Hands down.

Gotta give props too to the monster department. Whoever designed and brought these creatures to life did a bang-up job. The little monsters were cute, the big monsters scary. And the effects were awesome. For a low-budget movie, this was the cat's ass. And people died. Three in the first three minutes. Well done.

This was great mindless entertainment. It was funny, exciting and had the best variation on “Get away from her you bitch” I've ever heard. And I could watch it once a week over a couple of pints. A Good from me.

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