Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dead Shadows: The Countdown to Doom

Get your affairs in order.  The Mayan Calendar ends in just three days. Ours ends in 13. 

Our buddy John Fallon introduced a trailer for Dead Shadows at our 2012 Dark Fest. Since then, we have watched, and reviewed this "end times" flick. We both thought it was great.

This movie hits a number of nails on the head, with monsters, titty spider women, violence, gore etc and so forth. Everything the end of the world needs to have to truly, call itself the end. All at the hands of a rogue comet that pixie dusts earth, with monster transforming madness.

I wish this movie had a HUGE theatrical release. Maybe a sequel would . . . if they make one. After all, they only have three days left.

We are down to the last three days until the end. I wish we had more days, as there are so many more movies that could slide in and countdown to our extinction. Either way, crunch time, folks.

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