Monday, December 3, 2012

The Matrix . . . Has the end already happened?


18 and counting.  For the Mayans may not have predicted the end. Maybe the end already happened and they predicted the day we find out we live in a computer simulated world. Leaving our bodies to power the very machines that "enslaved" us. 

Maybe not.

But that is the story in the Matrix. I don't think there were many people that hated the movie when it came out.

It gave feed to multiple conspiracy theories and made some "sheeple" actually question stuff. Haha. In my eyes it was a Good. Even Keanu Reeves' with his "surfer" accent didn't ruin it for me. Haha.  The two Matrix movies that followed were also pretty good. These movies set a new standard, in the movie industry, for eye candy and special effects.

Can we escape the end? Or are we already in it. Not long now to find out. Stick with us.


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