Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Countdown To Extinction Continues: Shawn reviews Deep Impact

Megadeth provided my article title and Deep Impact, with its Earth destroying asteroid, provides the entertainment.

This is the little less known film, than the OTHER asteroid destroying movie, that came out in 1998.

This one did NOT have Bruce Willis. But that's ok. It had Morgan Freeman as the president!

I enjoy watching movies that destroy earth. It's comforting because, if they make it in movies, I can pretend it's "make believe". That way I don't have to have the guilt of hypothetically killing 7 billion of my fellow fucking humans. haha.

This movie has been a staple in my video library since it came out. Not because it is astounding, but because I like the story, the build up, the discovery, and all the events leading to the cataclysmic event. Then it had enough of a budget to kill some cities, title wave, and successfully followed different views of survival and acceptance.

This was when the race to release similar styled movies, was between Paramount and Bruckheimer. That's who would battle it out. This movie had a 75 million dollar budget compared to 140 million for Armageddon. So we get two eye-candied, similar styled movies, compared to today's Asylum copy movies. (Asylum often being more fun to watch than big budget Hollywood movies, if you don't mind sacrificing expensive effects for cheesy ones).

 I've watched Deep Impact more than once, and more than the "other" 1998 blockbuster asteroid movie. (Armageddon). So this is a Good, in a very ordinary way.  If that makes any fucking sense. 

This was Day 2 of my countdown to extinction. Stick with us, until the scheduled end, December 21, 2012.

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