Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Countdown Continues with Night of the Comet

The countdown to the Mayan Calendar's end continues with Night Of The Comet.

Stargazing a comet can kill. Not many survive this celestial event that doesn't actually crash into earth. It does leave some effects. Most of the population dies in a haze of red dust. Some survivors are zombie-ish. True survivors escaped the radiation by being in some sort of metallic container as the comet passed.

One survivor,  Catherine Mary Stewart, is as beautiful today as she was in the 80's and then some.

That said, her and her "valley girl" friend ( Kelli Maroney) battle the evils to survive, in a sparsely populated earth.

There is a few twists and turns which make this movie a fun and halfway intelligent ride.

I could survive the end with these two hotties. haha. This was my first ever end of the world movie. Dig it, suckas. Good.

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