Monday, November 26, 2012

Shawn enters ZOMBIELAND and eats some SOYLENT GREEN

As I continue the countdown to the Mayan apocalypse, I must incorporate a zombie franchise or two.

Zombieland became an INSTANT classic. How does this happen? Good chemistry + Bill Murray death scene = EPIC
Then toss in the zombies and zombie kills of the week.

Woody Harrelson is badass, Emma Stone is hot and Jesse Eisenberg is ...well ..nerdy.  Nothing unexpected there.

For a movie to just show up, tackle a tired genre, breathe it new life and become an instant hit with genre lovers?  That is worth seeing at least once.

I've seen it a few...dozen times...haha. Never tiring.

Definitely a Good if The Basement were to toss a rating on this end times dessert.

Since I missed my countdown movie yesterday, I'll do two today, and continue tomorrow.

You can't talk about world-ending events without Charlton Heston.  Of all the "end of the world" movies, Heston was involved in, I chose Soylent Green.

In real life, Heston was a gun supporting, bug out bagging, true believer of societal collapse. In some way, shape or form.

This movie is about a dystopian future where everything is dying, and food rations contain....people. Soylent Green IS people!

This is a bleak look at a possible future, where the events happening are more than science fiction. Some are already happening.

This movie is a fun, yet unsettling, ride.  If it came down to it, could someone eat people?  If you didn't know, then I guess so. As we touch on apocalyptic survival movies, I'm sure, we'll run into cannibalism and other unmentionable horrors.

Heston died in 2008. He never did get to put his own personal beliefs of apocalyptic breakdowns and battles to the test.  He did leave us with a ton of these great fucking movies though.Good!

Soylent Green is people. It could be another view of why the Mayan's may have ended their calendar.  Maybe they knew there was no hope. Stay tuned, as the Countdown to Extinction continues.

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