Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brooke Lewis boards sci-fi flick Starship: Rising

As if scream queen Brooke Lewis wasn't busy enough already, the lovely lady has joined the cast of Morphius Films' Starship: Rising, an intergalactic tale of a weaponized spaceship that gets taken over by revolutionaries.

Written and directed by Neil (Alien Armageddon) Johnson -- who describes his film as Game of Thrones in space -- Starship: Rising features Brooke as the pilot of Starship One, the greatest space vessel in the Federation. When the ship is overrun, she must choose between her love for a man and her duty to the Federation.

Joining Brooke are Claudia Wells,  E.J. De La Pena, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Darren Jacobs and pop star Emii. The film is currently in production, but Brooke was nice enough to send us the above photo of herself, De La Pena and Claudia Wells.

As always, we'll keep you updated on the film as it nears release. And with Brooke in it, you know we'll see it!

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