Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A report from Billy Trigger Part 4

My work on Billy Trigger didn't end with my demise. Like everyone else involved with the movie, I chipped in and did my part moving lights and props and taking behind-the-scenes pictures for the film's Facebook page.

From left to right: Deke Richards, Fred Williamson, makeup artist Marlene Jacques, Anderson Bradshaw, Meghan Gabruch, sound man Dimitri Medard, John Fallon and director Christian Viel.

The Hammer wrapped filming on the Friday, but not before I got to read lines for him during a scene where he talks with Bruno (played by Battlestar: Galactica's Matthew Bennett) on the phone. Bennett had wrapped the week before, so someone had to cue The Hammer to his lines for filming his side of the conversation.

I was hanging out in the kitchen when I noticed him looking my way. He gestured me over, and looked very serious.

"Read lines for me," he said. So I did.

Rehearsal went well but, for some reason, I flubbed my reading during the first couple of takes. Suddenly, I was nervous. Shaking. Dying is easy, reading lines with The Hammer is hard.

"It's all in the script, man. No need to fuck up," said The Hammer, who then broke the sequence down for me in a way that made me feel totally relaxed.

The next take was smooth as silk, and Fred gave me a smile and a handshake for my effort.

That night there was a press event where I recorded audio for our upcoming episode of Film Reviews from the Basement (Nov. 29 at 10 p.m. PST on plus got to mingle with leading lady Meghan Gabruch (left). I never got to see her work on set, but understand she's as talented as she is beautiful, and nailed the role.

The event also provided a great opportunity to bullshit with John, Deke, Christian and Anderson without any on-set pressures. Anyone who thinks working on a film is easy clearly hasn't done so. It's fun yes, but a lot of hard, fast-paced work.

On the morning I left, I shared a ride to the airport with The Hammer. It was the first time I felt truly relaxed around him as we talked movies and cigars. It was a nice way to end the trip.

The man I have to thank for all this is my good friend John Fallon, who invited Shawn and I to come out. Shawn couldn't make it, but he's scoring Billy Trigger, so he can't complain. But I must also thank Christian, Anderson and Deke for being so accommodating and encouraging.

As for any future set visits, all I can say is stick with us!

Kudos to John "The Arrow" Fallon for making this happen. A true friend and class act.

Revisit parts one, two and three.

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