Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A report from Billy Trigger Part 3

My death scene comes and goes quickly, which is to say everyone on set is so professional that things go off without a hitch.

Christian has me walk across the deck, Luger pistol at the ready. Billy Trigger is in the bedroom. He sees me and ducks into a closet, closing the pocket door behind him.

I open the door to the deck and walk in, gun in front of me in a two-hand pistol grip. I notice the closet door move and snap off a round one handed before ducking outside, waiting for the return shot to come. When it doesn't, I step in and prepare to fire again. That's when John Fallon as Trigger blows me out the door with a well-placed bullet.

Anderson and Christian take me through the motions of being shot and falling without hurting myself. And Christian has several camera set ups to make the scene pop.

He shoots it first from inside the bedroom, catching John at the closet and me on the deck. The second set up is done inside the closet as John and I exchange shots. A third is of me getting my ass shot out the door and hitting the deck.

Me and stunt co-ordinator Anderson Bradshaw

A few things to make note of -- even half-load blanks are loud. And they're loud even with plugs in your ears.

Another point, I hit the deck about two or three times and it didn't hurt. Those elbow pads came in very handy.

Thirdly, firing guns in a movie is a lot of fun! Think all the games of army you played as a kid and times it by a thousand. It's a rush.

Christian started out as a editor. He knows exactly what he wants and shoots what he needs. He shoots fast, and from what everyone on set was saying, Billy Trigger looks great.

I played my corpse for a follow-up shot where John leaves the closet. But I won't tell you what happens next. You'll just have to see the movie.

Stay tuned for a wrap-up report. And revisit parts one and two of my report.

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