Monday, November 19, 2012

A report from Billy Trigger: Part 2

The condo we're shooting in -- literally and figuratively -- is owned by Valerie Wiseman, who also plays Jezebel, one of Pops' minions. And it's a beautiful crib to film in. An open-plan main level with stairs leading up to a bedroom well lit by big windows.

Us thugs with Anderson Bradshaw and Fred Williamson

There are five of us on the hunt for Billy Trigger, along with Pops of course. My cohorts include Richards, Gouchy Boy (recently seen in Fat Steven Seagal's Maximum Conviction), Neon Cobran and Danny Blanco-Hall. All of them are seasoned actors and stuntmen with lots of action experience.

Stunt co-ordinator Anderson Bradshaw has worked with the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, to name a few. He's also a former soldier. Suffice to say, he knows his shit.

Anderson gets us ready, handing us knee and elbow pads. You get shot. You fall down. You need protection. Neon puts on a back protector as well because his goon takes a tumble down the stairs leading to the bedroom.

"We going to be using MP5s?" asks Gouch. No. Pistols, says Anderson. But we're firing half-load blanks from our guns. Blood from our bullet hits will be added in post using CGI because its faster and cheaper.

I'm handed a Luger pistol, a hat and a pair of Aviators. I love Aviators.

"I like the look," Anderson says of my costume.

Time to shoot. Director Christian Viel's first set up has The Hammer leading us down a hallway to the condo. We're ordered against one of the walls and draw our pistols. The Hammer tells me to head through a side door where a flight of stairs will lead to a deck off the bedroom. Richards as Mikey will stay in the hall. The rest go inside.

We rehearse, then run through it once. For some reason, I end up at the end of the line and my going through the door looks awkward. The second take works better, even though I step on The Hammer's heel. We do a third. Perfect.

When it comes time to shoot my ascent of the stairs, Anderson and Christian lead me through rehearsal. For some reason, I'm more relaxed. Although the glasses make it hard to see and I'm paranoid about tripping over a step. As a thug, I'm supposed to be concerned with Billy Trigger popping out and shooting me than where I'm walking.

"Very good," Christian said after a second take. "You are a natural."

I thank him. Now it's time to get ready to shoot the next scene . . . the scene where I die at the hands of Billy Trigger.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

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