Sunday, November 18, 2012

A report from Billy Trigger: Part 1

Looking back at my experience on the set of Billy Trigger, it's all become one big blur. A fast-paced and surreal adventure that won't ever be forgotten. I travelled somewhere I'd never been before, hung out with some great people, met Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, and got my ass killed on film. Pretty awesome stuff really!

To break it down:

I touched down in Montreal at about 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, and caught a taxi to the downtown office John Fallon shares with fellow actor/producer Deke Richards, who fans will remember from Deaden. Richards plays mobster Mikey in Billy Trigger.

It was good to see The Arrow again, and we caught up over a few whiskies before hitting a local pub, McKibbins, which doubles as the bar owned by The Hammer's character, Pops, in the film. John said I can't come to Montreal and not have some traditional poutine. I've had the dish before, but nothing compares to the plate I downed at McKibbins. Good grub!

Then it was back to Arrow in the Head headquarters for a couple more drinks. I got to meet Deke, who is one cool dude, before we called it a night.

Call time was 9 a.m. and the day ahead called for a gunfight at an upscale Griffintown condo in the Irish section of Montreal

The next morning we were all up with the sun. Deke not only acts in the movie, but he transports cast and crew, moves equipment and picks up lunch.

"That's the way it is on a low-budget movie man," Richards explained.

Then he was out the door. A short time later, we got a phone call. Our call time had been moved back to 10 a.m., giving me some time to kill. So I ran a couple of blocks over and paid my respects to the Bell Centre, home of John's beloved Montreal Canadiens. It was a thrill.

We got into Deke's car shortly before 10 and whipped over to a nearby hotel to pick up The Hammer, who is just as big and imposing as he looks on film. And the cat is always on. Think Black Ceasar or any one of the characters Fred has played on screen, and that's him in reality.

"How's it going my man?" he asked, and shook my hand when John introduced us. He's got big hands. He later told me he only uses Desert Eagle pistols in his movies because they don't disappear in his grip.

The rest of the drive to Griffintown was passed with small talk, but when it's The Hammer cracking jokes, there's nothing small about it.

We pulled up in front of our location -- an old mill that's been converted into condos. One of the condos doubled as an apartment owned by Jinny (Meghan Gabruch), Pops' daughter.

It's also the condo where I met my demise . . .

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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