Saturday, November 10, 2012

A look at Billy Trigger week No. 1

The Cast and crew of Montreal-based action flick Billy Trigger have just wrapped their first week of shooting, and word from the front is all went well despite some setbacks.

In the words of Billy Trigger himself, writer/actor John Fallon: DAY 3 was all about a shootout/stalk scene in a junkyard with the great Anderson Bradshaw (Ewan). The location was eye popping to say the least (a maze of beat up cars, the sun reflecting on them), I loved doing the action scenes (shooting, ducking, jumping over the hood of a car) and yes my leg got in the way, but I worked with it.

To read more about it, check out Fallon's official blog where he spits out the full truth about what went down on set. Word has it the film is taking on the vibe of a 70s action/exploitation movie, which sounds damn fine to me.

Below are pics from the first week that I submit for your approval, Basement Dwellers.

Matthew Bennett, Fallon, director Christian Viel and Anderson Bradshaw on the eve of shooting.

Billy Trigger (Fallon) filming a foot chase through Chinatown.

Ewan (Bradshaw) pursues Trigger through a junkyard.

Trigger hunting Ewan.

Another shot of Trigger on the prowl.

Look for full reports from the set of Billy Trigger by yours truly Nov. 15 and 16, when I join the cast and meet my demise!

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