Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Month of Horror Day 9: Death Proof

Basement contributor Matt Bellamy has taken it upon himself to watch and review at least one horror movie a day for the month of October . . . because he's awesome that way!And for today's edition he takes another trip to the cinematic Grindhouse.

Part two of Grindhouse! This feature presentation, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, is different in just about every way from 'Planet Terror', save for the scratches and cigarette burns... on the film stock. Before it was zombies and now it's girls--which is truly more terrifying? Okay, so the girls aren't the antagonists here (although you will want to punch them in the face on occasion for never shutting up), the big bad guy is actually Stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russell. Who is Stuntman Mike and why is he so evil? He's the ultimate misogynist who can't stand the way women "slut" themselves up so he charms them into getting into his car (a suped up 1970 Chevy Nova, or a 1969 Dodge Charger), all tricked out with the safest stunt man roll cage and safety gear one could ask for, except only on his drivers' side! He kills them with his car, literally, and it's awesome. I briefly mentioned girls never shutting up earlier, yeah, that is the unfortunate downside of the 2nd half of this movie. Tarantino clearly falls a little too in love with his dialogue and female characters as they prattle on and on... and on about absolutely nothing; get back to Stuntman Mike and the killing! Basically, any time Kurt Russell is on the screen it's just about the coolest movie ever, and anytime that he isn't on screen? Grit your teeth and wait patiently, the payoff is worth it!

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