Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Month of Horror Day 16: Final Destination

Basement contributor Matt Bellamy has taken it upon himself to watch and review at least one horror movie a day for the month of October . . . because he's awesome that way! For this entry, Bellamy looks death in the face, and laughs.

My favourite horror series over the last decade; it's not like they're particularly great movies but they really speak to my sick, twisted, and blood thirsty sensibilities. I actually love the concept: death a.k.a. the grim reaper seeking to right the wrongs when someone manages to escape or cheat their fate, sending them six feet under in some of the most ingenious and creative methods imaginable. You never see the villain, it's always just some sort of supernatural force that will stop at nothing to balance out the universe. The first in the series follows a group of high school students and a teacher that were supposed to perish on a flight to Paris however through a premonition by the main character, seeing the disaster minutes before it happens, they get themselves removed from the plane. Their fate was sealed, they were supposed to die but they didn't so now it's up to that hard working reaper to pick them all off one at a time, in increasingly brutal and horrific "accidents". This isn't my favourite of the franchise, that would belong to either the 2nd or 5th entries but this is the original after all, so that counts for something! This is also the most serious one as well, much more horror here before the sequel took things in a darkly comic, and wholly more satisfying direction. People watch these movies for the inventive kills and that is exactly why I like them, the writers must have a great time coming up with situational, absurd yet still somewhat realistic ways for the characters to die--isn't that the pedigree of some of our favourite horror flicks? I think that's a big yes!

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