Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dr. Action reviews Skyfall

So Skyfall came out yesterday in the UK, its been four years since 007 last lit up the silverscreen. Quantum of Solace left a lot of people cold, I myself enjoyed it, but in all honesty I’m a huge Bond fan. Every British lad wants to be Bond, and if they don’t....well their liars, so lets say the audience reception to QOS was, let's say, stale. Bond had to step up.

What of the plot, well I can’t say too much, that would be unsporting. First up, Bond of old always had a great opening, well this is no different. This one sets up the storyline perfectly, Bond starts to question just how expendable a secret agent can be and who he can trust, M? Which leads to our villain of the picture, here portrayed by an excellent Javier Bardem. He appears to have a very personal grudge against M, one which sees MI6 being blown up. Well there is only one super agent who can save Blighty, thats right -- 007.

Like Bond of old, we go globetrotting to find the culprit. Also we have a new Q, a welcome addition played by Ben Whishaw who I hope will be around for a long time to come. I really cannot say too much more about the plot, its best to go in with fresh eyes.

Sam Mendes comes in as director, his pacing is good, the movie does not drag, and the action set pieces are expertly done. I certainly hope it's not a one off Bond movie for him. Plaudits must also go to editor Stuart Baird who returns from Casino Royale. Gone is the quick cutting action scenes from Quantum, and the action is not blink and you’ll miss it. The screenplay is also excellent, which gives Craig the chance to bring the one liners back to Bond, I would say this is now CRAIG's Bond. A mixture of the Dalton action 007, and the quipiness of Moore.

So would I recommend it to movie fans? More importantly Bond fans? YES and YES, I thoroughly enjoyed it, a solid Good. It promises that Bond will be back and I certainly hope we don’t have to wait another 4 years.

Oh and if Daniel Craig doesn’t fancy returning, surely UKs own Dr.Action can step into 007s shoes, can’t he? PLEASE.

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