Friday, September 28, 2012

Trailer, poster for sci-fi horror flick Almost Human

Talk about swooping in under the radar, but I just got me some excited (yup, that's English) for writer/director Joe Begos' upcoming flick Almost Human.

Yes the budget looks low, but the carnage and story are sound. And who doesn't want to see a flick that combines alien abduction and mass murder? I know I do! This scream 80s horror, and we love our 80s horror in The Basement.

Even that glorious poster to your left has that awesome 80s vibe!

Two years ago Mark disappeared from his home in a brilliant flash of light as his friend, Seth, watched. Now a series of gruesome murders leads Seth to believe that Mark is back . . . and he's not himself.

Almost Human stars Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier and Vanessa Leigh. No word yet on when it's coming out, but we'll keep you posted. This looks like our kind of movie!

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