Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sinister red-band trailer all sound and scares

That's right, there's not one word of dialogue or exposition uttered in the below R-rated preview for the upcoming horror flick Sinister -- a film some are calling the scariest of the year.

We originally intended to review Scott Derrickson's film on our season opener, but its release was delayed until Oct. 12, so pooh on that. No worries. It looks uber creepy, so we're all over it like a fat kid on some kind of candy.

Ethan Hawke stars as a true-crime novelist who discovers that a family was murdered in his new home . . . and that his family could be in the path of an evil supernatural entity.

I dig this trailer a lot. It's a prime example of how sound and images play a key role in scary movies. You don't need buckets of blood to be unsettling -- although we never object to gore in The Basement -- and this trailer is unsettling.

Now turn out the lights and watch!

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